181. Options To Sell My House As Is

Home Buying Guys Client Review Adam & Mike Reviewing Company Services

Adam: Hi, everybody. This is Adam with We Buy Houses Fast in Dallas. I’m here with one of our recent home sellers here that we just recently sold his house here in Plano. This is Mike.. and just wanted to give you guys some of the details of this transaction, and how we were able to help Mike and his family sell this house that they were in. They’ve lived in it for quite a while in Plano, and just let you hear it from a customer directly.
So Mike, I know we recently closed on your house, and you guys have moved into a beautiful new house in Frisco. Why don’t you tell them just a little bit about… You guys were looking around, looking at some different realtors, and what you saw in us, and why you guys wanted to use Lance and I to sell your house.

Mike: We were looking for someone to sell our house. We’ve been there for 18 years, and we saw in your advertisements that you buy houses as investors yourself, not just find other investors, so that was our first [inaudible].

Adam: Yep. We initially went in looking at making a cash offer, and went down that path. Once we kind of went through that process, and we looked at the numbers where Mike would end up, we also explored the idea of listing the house and selling it as-is, or pretty close to as-is. Ultimately, we decided to go down that route, and list the house, and sell it for a little more than we would have otherwise if they would have taken the cash offer. We know that process is never pain-free, and we had to deal with showings, and go through that entire rigmarole, but ultimately, we got the deal done, and you guys were able to get out and move on, and get rid of the house. Why don’t you tell them what you guys actually spent in the repair money through that, by listing it like you did.

Mike: [inaudible].

Adam: Zero. You didn’t spend any money. That’s the point.

Mike: That was the whole issue and when we were looking for somebody to buy our house because we knew we had issues and we didn’t have the funds to do it so we chose some negotiation.

Adam: Yeah, so they had a beautiful house in Plano. Today, most people would probably want to come in and just cosmetically remodel it, but it’s a big, giant, nice house. And what we explained to Mike and his wife is that we don’t necessarily always have to remodel a house completely. The listed seller, we can sell them as it is, especially if a lot of the major things are in good working order or there are times when we can sell them even if they’re not in working order and depending on the location and the demand that’s out there.
So, that’s what we ultimately did. We ended up listing the house as it was, we literally do a little landscaping work, remember that? And had our crews come over and do some landscaping. And that was good. And that house showed great. We had a ton of activity, we sold it to an actual investor of all things, which we were kind of surprised by, but got it done. And yeah we were happy to kind of move on and go down the road. And Mike and I become friends through the process and we’re actually just enjoying some coffee and piece of pie together and just talking business. So, anything else you want to say, Mike, or would you recommend them work with us?

Mike: Absolutely, we would recommend anybody call Adam and Lance for any properties that you might have available. Very, very uplifting satisfactory experience. And there were many ins and outs of our situation, some that we didn’t even know existed at the time and Adam helped us work through them. It was a very positive experience.

Adam: Yeah. Excellent. Thank you. Appreciate it. Thanks guys.

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