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Our process

We schedule a time to see the property and then present you with an offer.

We know that most people are very busy during the day. That is why we try to work with your schedule and be as flexible as possible. We can meet you almost anytime, including evenings and weekends.

How we buy

If you accept our offer, we will be sure to close based on your schedule. We can discuss other options to fit your needs if the offer does not work.

We Buy Houses Fast in Dallas can typically give you an offer within hours of seeing the property. You have no obligation to accept the offer. What do you have to lose? Inquire about selling your home today!

You Want The Details?

We pride ourselves in helping people get out of tough home situations. When you submit your information to us we will give you a call to discuss the property and setup a time to see the property.

Some companies will give you an offer over the phone but how can they assess the property accurately without seeing it? The answer is They Can’t.

We want to give you the highest possible amount. We need to see the house to do thisWe can offer more because we take the time to analyze the details to give you the most money possible and still be win-win for both parties!

Determining The Value 

Before we meet you, we will run a comparative market analysis (CMA) on the property to understand the value of your dwelling. We will establish the ARV (after repaired value) based on actual sold comps in the neighborhood to see our starting point for your offer.

ARV is the After Repaired Value of the home with all areas of it UPDATED to the current market standard. Just because your home is clean and functional does not mean you will get the best possible offer (highest possible ARV) if it has not been updated in the last 20 years.


The kitchen above will not sell at top market value because of the flaws. We base our offer on a COMPLETELY REMODELED UP TO DATE QUALITY. Please take a look at an example of a kitchen we finished that was exactly what the market asked for and sold quickly.

We gutted and remodeled this kitchen to meet the neighborhood and market standards. This type of remodel allowed us to get top market value (ARV) for this home.

The Offer Formula

ARV – Holding Costs – Investor Profit – Repairs = Offer Price

So…now you understand what ARV is and how we define it. Next, we need to determine the necessary repairs. Estimating the repairs accurately is very important to give you the best offer possible. We need to see the property to assess repairs to give you the best offer possible.

Example of Our Analysis:

Let’s say we talk to a seller who needs to sell, and we determine the ARV from recently sold comps is $200,000. This is our starting point for the offer.

*Holding Costs: include closing fees, utilities, R/E fee to sell, etc.

We show you what your proceeds will be with the sale. We also compare the offer price to a traditional realtor sale. Usually, the traditional sale yields a little more money, but it could take 60 – 240 days to get your money if the remodel is done correctly and the market is favorable.

Wrapping It Up

Once we have agreed on the Offer Amount…we will sign a TREC contract and begin the closing process. We will open escrow with our Title Company and get them the necessary documents to close the sale. Usually, the title company needs the contract, seller information sheet, and survey to close. The title company will schedule our closing date, and we will both close. The amount listed on your contract will match the dollar amount on the HUD statement (closing statement). Remember, we pay all standard closing costs for you, and there is never a real estate agent fee when we present an offer to you.

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