We can help Stop Foreclosure in Fort Worth!

The thought of possibly losing your home to a foreclosure is stressful. We can help stop foreclosure in Fort Worth by buying your house for cash before the auction. 

That means No Realtor Fees, No Closing Cost,  and No Costly Repairs!  Plus, most of the time after selling your home with Home Buying Guys it leaves you with MONEY in Your Pocket!

Who are we?  Home Buying Guys is a local accredited home buying company based in Richardson, TX. We’re a family owned business and we buy houses throughout Dallas Fort Worth with cash. Our ability to buy houses for cash is how we can help stop foreclosure in Texas.

You received a Foreclosure notice… now what?

1. Stay in contact with your lender, do not avoid them. This will only buy you more time before your house goes to auction. 

2. Gather the facts:  How much do you owe on your home? How behind on payments are you?

3. Let us know more about you and your situation. Reach out by calling (972)521-1817 or Click HERE to fill out our contact form. 

After your lender files a NOD (Notice of Default) you have an estimated 90 days to find a solution to your predicament.  Here are some of your most common ways to stop foreclosure in Fort Worth… 

1. Come up with the amount you owe to Stop Foreclosure.  Which if you have the cash to pay the debt you probably would not be in Foreclosure in the first place. Forcing you to go looking for cash in other places usually ending up in worse debt or owing a friend or family member. 

2. File for Bankruptcy to Avoid Foreclosure.  But in most cases a bankruptcy would damage your credit score worse than a foreclosure would.

3. Sell your home the traditional way to Stop Foreclosure in Fort Worth.  Which usually requires you to make repairs and upgrades to your home. That can be time consuming and can be very difficult to achieve in the 90 day  grace period. 

How Can Home Buying Guys Help You Avoid Foreclosure?

Can selling your home Stop Foreclosure in Fort Worth?  The answer is YES! And selling your house to us is not only fast and easy, a lot of the time you are left with CASH In Your Pocket after your home is sold. To learn more about our home buying process click here.

We Buy Houses with 1 of the 3 Options Below in Mind…

We buy houses to remodel and sell.

We buy properties to rent.

We partner with other investors who are looking to remodel or rent houses.

We’ll Make You An Offer Within 24 Hours.
You Decide If It’s A Fit or Not. It’s That Easy And Stress-Free

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 We have an Easy 3 Step Process to help stop foreclosure in Fort Worth.  We want to educate our customers about the foreclosure process and give them advice as if they were family. We know the area, grew up here and invest here, which means we can help you sell your Dallas Fort Worth house fast no matter what condition it’s in. If you want to learn more about the foreclosure process in Texas we have resources like our “How To Stop Foreclosure” free report. We help people avoid foreclosures in DFW, No matter where you are in North Texas we are here for you!

Learn more about Our Company: Home Buying Guys was started by Adam Mitchell, who has been in the real estate industry for over 14 years, starting with rent houses and eventually working up to flipping houses. Adam along with his partner Lance and their families are the heart and sole behind Home Buying Guys.

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