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Hi! We are Adam and Lance and we buy inherited houses in Dallas. If you need to sell an inherited house,  we will buy the house for cash. You can walk away from the house quickly and move on with your life.

sell my inherited house

If you are asking how do I “Sell my inherited house Dallas?” …We have the answer.

we buy houses pre foreclosureNot sure what to do with an inherited house?

we buy houses from homeowners going through divorceNot sure how to navigate the probate process in Dallas?

we buy houses in probateDon’t have time to deal with the repairs or time it takes to list and sell with a realtor?

we buy unwanted rental propertiesIs the process too emotional and you need someone to handle a house?

we buy houses that need remodelingDo you live out of state and not sure how probate works in Texas?

we buy houses in probateIs the in need of repair or cleaning and you just Don’t have time to deal with it?

No matter what stage you are in regarding an inherited home, we will  buy the house for cash so you don’t have to deal with it any longer. We will take care of all the fees and paperwork so you can move on with your  life.

If you are ready for us to help you with an inherited house fill out our form or call us at 972.521.1817. If you need more information about our home buying process click here.

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Whether you need to sell an inherited house fast or not, we will buy it.

Benefits of Working With Us

Inheriting a house is a byproduct of a tough situation and we understand that. Some people are probably asking if I should even sell my inherited house in Dallas. Selling your inherited house to us is not for everyone for if you do we will eliminate the stress a home can cause.


Save Your Credit

We Understand the Probate Procedures

Make No Repairs or Even Clean

Pay No Realtor Fees or Closing Costs

Get Your Money Fast


We will help you fill out the correct County forms

We live and work in DFW

Title Company distributes funds to family members


Other Inherited House / Probate Resources for you:

There are many instances when people just don’t want to deal with the probate process or understand if a house can be sold in probate.  Naturally most of the information available can be tough to understand. Here is a link to an article we wrote about what happens when you inherit a house in Dallas. We want to shorten the learning curve for homeowners so they can get through this process as quickly as possible. We advise our clients as if they are family and will do the same thing for you. No matter if its just how the probate process works, the tax consequences related to an inherited house or just a general house question. We are here to help people in our community and will help you too!

At We Buy Houses Fast in Dallas we are here to help and advise you as you navigate the probate/inheritance process.  Sometimes we can help you prepare a house prior to a sale or give you guidance on the proper forms you need to fill out based on your unique probate situation.

If you need to sell an inherited house or are dealing with any other situation where you need to get rid of a property fill out the easy form below and we will contact you or you can call us right now at 972.521.1817.

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Broad Overview of the Probate Process

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Inherited A House? Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Probate Process