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Home Buying Guys – Adam:
This is 703 North Sherman in Ennis, Texas. Just going to do a quick walk-through here. Got a little bit of mildew on the siding here. This is vinyl siding. Vinyl? Yeah, vinyl siding here. We’ve got tile entry. We’ve got it looks like original oak hardwood. We’ve got some issues with the walls and the texture. You can see some damage here. There’s definitely some termite damage on one of the bedrooms. I can’t really tell what that is. Definitely going to need some foundation work in here.

We’re going into this is basically a little dining room here. This is a pretty small house. Technically they call it a 3/1, 1200, and something square feet. Here’s the kitchen. It’s kind of closed off here. And then you’ve got this bonus room back here, which is pretty unlevel. I can see the slope from where I’m standing. And quite a bit of damage to the ceiling here. We’ve got some evidence of mold or mildew here. There is a washer and dryer closet there. It looks like all the hookups are there. You got a window AC, a door to the backyard.

Walking through here, this is the other side of the house. This is where the two bedrooms are. So you’ve got bedroom number one. Another window unit. It does have central HVAC. Not sure if it works yet or not. Here’s the water closet with the water heater. Here’s the one bathroom. A little bit of settling up top there in the ceiling, but not too bad.

The floor feels a little bouncy in here. I don’t know if there’s something going on with the four joists, but there’s something. It definitely would need to be checked out. And then coming into this other bedroom here on this side and you see great windows. Love the trim around the windows. You’ve got significant termite damage here in one corner. I’m not sure what these tiles are on the ceiling. But you know, nice closet. So it could be a great little house. It just needs some work. We’re going to walk through here and go back into the backyard. Okay, maybe we’re walking around. I can’t seem to get this door open. Okay, we’ll go through the backyard.

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