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Average Home Renovation Cost | Reality Of House Remodeling Costs
Video Transcription

The Reality Of Home Remodeling Costs

Adam: Hi everybody. This is Adam from We Buy Houses Fast in Dallas. We’re looking at a house here in Dallas to possibly buy. It’s an inherited house. The owner thinks this house only needs paint and carpet, but I’m going to show you exactly what it’s going to take to take this house from what it is now to a completely remodeled house. So once you walk through here with me, and I’ll point out a few things and show you exactly what it takes to remodel a house the way it needs to be to sell it for top dollar. Come on.

So just stepping into the house, this house was built in 1981. You can see how outdated everything is from the flooring to the popcorn ceiling, to the window treatments. Everything needs to be replaced in here. Obviously, a lot of this right here that we just pointed out is cosmetic, but when you get into the main living areas, you can see how dark it gets. This is all the wood paneling. Not that this necessarily has to be replaced, but you got to at least brighten it up and paint it, and change the look in here. Old fireplace, again, old carpet. Needs to go.

And then follow me into this kitchen. I want to show you what this kitchen looks like here. Again, these older homes have partitioned walls. They close off all the rooms. Nowadays, everybody wants an open concept, so we would basically blow out at least one of these walls, maybe two of these walls, which means you’re putting a beam up in the ceiling to support loads. This entire kitchen would have to be replaced. You got cabinets with handles in the middle. It’s old, it’s outdated. The function of this kitchen would not work after you blow out this kitchen. So you’d have to completely rearrange this kitchen.

Again, the owner is thinking praying carpet, but this remodel, just from what you’ve seen, and there’s three bathrooms that all need to be remodeled. This house is easily a $75,000 to $90,000 remodel. Let me just show you one more thing in here, and this is just from what we see. You’re always going to find something that you can’t necessarily see once you get into a remodel. Unforeseens always are going to happen. When you see the little things like this, where you see some water damage up here and cracking, that could be several things. That could be a roof issue, that could be a foundation issue. It could be minor, just settling situation. Most likely, it’s all three of those, and we’re going to have to account for that. So you’re just adding layer upon layer upon layer of repair costs to your budget.

It takes a lot more than people think. And just to give you guys this idea that this house is 2300 square foot, three bedroom, three bath. Just to take it from as is, even though it’s in decent shape structurally, to the point where we can sell this for top dollar, we’re looking at, let’s call, it $85,000. So if you have any questions, reach out to us at our website at webuyhousesfastindallas.com, or you can call us at (972) 521-1817. Thanks and have a great day.

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