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Are you considering selling your house? You may have various reasons to back your decision to sell. Perhaps all the repairs have given you enough headaches, or you are no longer interested in your rental property; it could be an inheritance you want to rid of yourself.

Whatever your reasons are, you may not find selling a house easy. Despite the ready market, finding guaranteed and trustworthy home buyers Dallas can be a task.

More challenges may present themselves in various other forms, such as home preparation and possible remodeling.

Home Buying Guys by Adam & Lance offer you solutions. As our company’s name suggests, we buy houses cash. We take the hassle from you by providing a ready and sure market.

Therefore, rather than spending plenty of time finding prospective clients, you can sell fast by working with us—we will buy your house. We are Dallas Area Home Buyers and we buy houses for cash.

Do not worry about your property’s worth since we can always find a common ground on a suitable price range in the interest of facilitating a smooth process.

Professional Process Of Dallas Area Home Buyers (Home Buying Guys)

Solutions for any situation.

We understand how unique every individual’s situation can be. You deserve a solution that will work for you. Our team of real estate professionals will help attain a successful sale after an evaluation of your possibilities.

We will go through your property situation together, exploring your options, as we find what can best work for your condition. Your ultimate happiness and satisfaction will mean the same to us.

Remember that your success in selling your house means success in our purchase and repurpose, which is a win-win.

As We Buy Houses Cash and After paying cash for your house, we will provide make-ready services in preparation for sale listings. We will then list the house, among others, on MLS.

Our flexibility.

Consider your ideas of how you could sell your house fast in Dallas. What will you require? Weighing your effort and resources against time may help you determine whether you have the best possible means to sell.

We can be your ready Dallas house buyers. Besides cash offers, we can always reach an understanding of the best solution for your sale.

It would help to look beyond the situation you are in and the condition of your house. Our real estate experts will work something out for every home to ensure that we all win in the end.

Therefore, look beyond your perceived price range, too. Thanks to our flexibility and industry expertise, we can buy your house fast for a suitable price and make something out of the smooth selling process.

Credibility and experience.

You would be happy with the number of successful purchases and sales we have completed since inception. Until 2020, we had settled 21 house purchases with happy clients. We are well known Dallas Area Home Buyers in as is condition.

Between January 2020 and August 221, we bought 56 houses. During the same period, we gave a hand with selling 20 more houses.

We are also remodeling experts, with Adam holding up an experience with 15 complete homes and an additional dozen with aid. Our service to clients has brought out our credibility and put our skills to practice.

We are still helping more Dallas homeowners sell their property fast—you could be one of them.

What We Do.

Being Dallas Area Home Buyers, What do Home Buying Guys do? Considering our real estate experience and expertise, we buy houses to flip.

Remember that we may not require you to change anything about your property before the sale. If you want to sell fast in any condition, we have got you.

Our years of remodeling allow us to turn the property in its condition to a profitable state. Therefore, upon remodeling and besides flipping, we consider renting options. We buy houses/property to rent.

Our win-win is attainable when you get to sell us a house or property you want to dispose of fast, and we find our ways to make profits from flipping or renting.

Nevertheless, the real estate industry has investors interested in renting property or remodeling houses. We work with some of these investors.

We are pioneers of the HBG Foundation, a non-profit organization. It provides support and aid in all our real estate transactions; a portion of each goes to the foundation.

Our motto and promise.

We promise to be honest and transparent with you, besides treating you with respect. Therefore, we will share every information, regardless of its nature—you should know everything that goes on as it is.

We also strive to “Do the right thing every time!” (Our motto); you should expect no less from our service. We are here for you and are your servants.

Our advice will be genuine and trustworthy, with respect and the love of a friend or family.

Our cash offer.

We want to buy your house with a cash offer. Do not worry about how it looks or the price you think it may fetch.

If you are in a hurry to sell it, we have got you. All you will need are your possessions and the readiness for sale. Do not bother about cleaning or making repairs. We will take care of all that and more.

If you have not considered a quick sale as such and thus lesser hassles, you may want to. Doing the preparations by yourself may not be easy.

Should you bear with all the processes, you may still end up doing things wrong. Selling without proper preparation may affect your success.

You do not have to do all that with us. We have spent years establishing ourselves in real estate and learning how best to serve all clients.

Apart from offering you a quick and satisfactory sale, we can update your house and remodel where a need is, eventually making something out of it.

Direct Cash Home Buyers Dallas.

You may have considered selling your house through a real estate agent. Besides losing money to commission and waiting for long, you may also have so much paperwork to handle.

Such sales may be successful eventually, but you will have gone through plenty of stress and waited.

We buy houses cash in Dallas with direct cash. Therefore, the moment you are ready to sell, we will be prepared to pay.

Remember, you do not have to lift a finger to change your house’s condition, and you should rest assured that you will walk with the best deal to match your unique situation.

We save you time, stress, and uncertainties.


Working with cash allows us to ease our transactions to as little time as would work for you. Are you hoping to close as soon as within a week? You may love that, with Home Buying Guys (Home Buyers Dallas), it is possible.


Thanks to our non-reliance on financing from traditional banking, we have more freedom and flexibility to make purchases whenever suitable. So, the big question is: how soon do you want/need to sell?

Honesty and transparency.

Since every property’s situation is unique, we will go through your case. Due to various factors, selling to us rather than working with agents could save you stress, time, and effort.


We work with a team of professionals, which enables us to serve you best. Your needs are our priority. When we come together, we can help you achieve your sale.

We aim to offer convenience and effectiveness throughout our engagements. Let us into your idea for selling and we will share our expertise to help in every possible way.

How We Buy Houses Cash in Dallas.

We buy houses cash in Dallas; you may not help but wonder how. We aim to take the hassle of selling your property in real estate markets by offering to buy them directly with cash in As-Is conditions.

So, you do not have to worry about making preparations, looking for agents, or waiting for prospective Dallas Area Home Buyers—we are ready and happy to buy.

We have big plans for every property we buy. We hope to make something from the houses. Therefore, besides renting and flipping, we partner with other remodeling investors.

Selling or renting houses come with silent demands. Not every buyer or tenant will tell you that they need particular things or conditions in a house; so, you will need to be ahead of them and find the best ways to deliver to their satisfaction.

If you are looking to rent or sell property that you currently reside in or previously did, you may have to consider remodeling, besides making other improvements—it is essential to raise the house’s standards for the market. With a busy life, you may not have this time to spare.

houses buy sell in dallas tx

The entire sales process may also not be as easy or as fast as you would want it to be. On the other hand, working with us takes away all your worries. You will only need money and your possessions as you leave the rest for us.

Sell to us in a few steps.

To buy from you, we will require some information.

Please fill out this form.

After that, you should expect a call, text message, or email from our team, which will enable you to share more information about your situation. Feel free to provide all the relevant details to Home Buying Guys Company (Home Buyers Dallas).

Upon agreeing on a time convenient for you, we will visit your property to have a look before making you an offer.

If, after considering the offer, you accept it, we will close the deal at your convenience.

Besides cash offers, we can agree on other suitable options.

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