180. Customer Review – Sell My Inherited House Fast

Customer Review - Sell My Inherited House Fast

Lance: All right, guys. Lance here, one of the Home Buying Guys with webuyhousesfastindallas.com, at another closing today with one of our most recent sellers, Eric [de Pass]. Just going to go through a little bit of his experience with us and how it all worked out, and a quick little video review here. So, Eric, tell us a little bit about your situation.

Eric de Pass: We inherited this house, so it was a good deal we got with the neighbor. We lucked into it. We were going to fix it ourselves, but too much work. We just figured it was less of a headache to sell it.

Lance: Awesome. How did you find out about We Buy Houses Fast in Dallas?

Eric de Pass: Just a quick Google search. I went to the website. It all looked legit. And so, I gave him a call.

Lance: We’re legit. He actually called me while I was coaching my son’s baseball game. I could tell he meant business. I could tell it was going to move quick. And so, I rushed out there in my full baseball gear, so that was a fun experience.
Kind of walk-through people. We made an agreement on-site. You asked for $80,000. I agreed to that, no problem. We wanted to close in about 10 business days. So, that’s where we’re at today. Tell us how smooth that was. Was it difficult? Was there any hold-ups? Was there any difficulty at all?

Eric de Pass: No, it was easy. After the deal was made, it was just simply, just wait for the 10 days to pass, and they come in and look at the house and make sure they’re happy with it. Everything was good, and it was quick. No issues.

Lance: Awesome. And then, last question. Would you recommend the Home Buying Guys and We Buy Houses Fast in Dallas to friends and family?

Eric de Pass: Yeah, definitely, definitely. It was a good experience.

Lance: Awesome. Well, appreciate your time, we appreciate your business, and hope to be a source that you can refer friends and family to, and look forward to working with you in the future.

Eric de Pass: Sounds good.

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