135. Retail to Cash Offer For My House

If you are weighing the options of a traditional retail offer vs a cash offer for my house, we can offer some guidance. Adam describes a situation where a homeowner wanted to try and get a retail offer before he entertained a cash offer. See the details below about this case study. The Home Buying Guys are able to offer both solutions in this situation. We have additional resources for you when listing your house with a realtor and whether that process is right for you or if there is a better option. Reach out to us to explore all the options.

Should I Take A Cash Offer For My House?
Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Adam, one of the Home Buying Guys with We Buy Houses Fast in Dallas. I’m here at one of the houses that we currently have listed on MLS for a home seller. And this is a tricky one, because as you can kind of see as I’m walking around this house, they have not updated much of this house at all and are trying to sell it and get out of here so they can downsize and move on from this house. So depending on what happens in the next couple of weeks, if we can’t sell this house, then we’re going to entertain and look at a cash offer. But again, they’ve gone through about a month’s worth of listings, and having people come through the house, and having to keep it clean and updated, and then just kind of the disappointment of not selling it for what they wanted.

So if you’re in that situation, and you’re not sure if you want to list the house on MLS or take a cash offer, give us a call and we can work through it with you. In situations like this, we can obviously start with a listing if you want, and see how that goes. If we can’t sell it, then we can back into a cash offer and get you out of that house quickly at that point. So we are a full-service real estate company. We can do everything that needs to be done in the real estate industry, and we’d love to help you. So if you want to give us a call, you can call us at 972-521-1817, or go to our website at webuyhousesfastindallas.com. Thanks.

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